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Noxious Weed Management

 Be a good neighbor and control your noxious weeds.

Noxious Weed Newsletter

Noxious weeds are aggressive plants that are not native to our area. Most of these weeds came from Europe and Asia as ornamental plants or field crops. After arriving in the United States, the plants became an undesirable invasive weed that has escaped into cropland, pastures, and open space. These plants have an advantage because the insects, diseases, and animals that would normally control them are not found here. Since these plants have developed specialized mechanisms to survive, they can spread at an alarming rate. View photos of noxious weeds in Douglas County.

Douglas County utilizes integrated weed management techniques and strategies to combat noxious weed infestations. These techniques include herbicide application, biological control, hand pulling, and re-vegetation that involves the use of grass seed mixtures intended to compete with and suppress noxious weed growth.  Prevention, control and eradication are three general weed management strategies, and enforces the Douglas County Noxious Weed Plan and Enforcement Resolution

The Noxious Weed Advisory Commission is State Mandated by Colorado House Bill 90-1175 and members are appointed by the Board of County Commissioners.

Become a better neighbor

  • Learn to identify the noxious weed species that are invading the area where you live and work
  • Report the location of all known and suspected noxious weeds to local managers so they can be dealt with quickly.
  • Understand the negative impact that weeds have on the environment.
  • Manage noxious weeds on your property by developing a weed management control plan to implement over time. Share your concerns about noxious weeds with your neighbors.
  • Minimize ground-disturbing activities on your land and always re-plant with desirable plants.
  • Use integrated weed management techniques for the effective and safe management of noxious weeds.

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