Noxious Weed Symposium

2020 Weed Symposium


2020 Noxious Weed Symposium Flyer

Due to COVID-19 and the safety of our citizens and presenters, the 2020 Noxious Weed Symposium has been postponed.  As soon as a new date and time are available, the information will be posted on

8:30 am – Welcome and Call to Order

8:35 am  – Weeds: Noxious Weeds most frequently found in Douglas County Jonathan Rife, Douglas County Weed and Mosquito Control Coordinator
9:30 am  – Bio Controls Available to the Public John Kaltenbach, CDA Insectary
10:30 am  – BREAK
10:45 am –  “Extending the Life of our Noxious Weed Treatments by Targeting the Seed Bank.” Dr. Derek Sebastian & Dr. Shannon Clark – Bayer Chemical
12:00 pm –  LUNCH
1:00 pm –  Revegetation in the worst-case scenarios! – Brock Bowles – Environmental Protection Specialist – Mined Land Reclamation
2:00 pm Poisonous Weeds And How Livestock React To Them.  Dr. Kelcey Swyers, Ph.D. Ruminant Nutrition, Grassland Nutrition Consulting
2:50 pm  – Extension Resources for Noxious and Common Weeds Other pest control resources (aka Pine Beetle, etc.) John Murgle, CSU Extension Master Gardner Specialist
3:20 pm  – Education/Enforcement Jonathan Rife, Douglas County Weed and Mosquito Control Coordinator
4:00 pm –  Meeting Adjournment

Jonathan Rife – Douglas County Weed and Mosquito Control Coordinator
Mr. Rife is a resident of the Douglas County since 1991. In July 1991, I was the noxious weed control person. The population in 1991 was about 65,000 and now it is estimated 327,230. Where we had one person and a contractor, we now have 5 people and a contractor.  Jonathan joined the Colorado Weed Management Association in 1991 and has been an active member ever since. Worked on the Applicator School Committee since that time.  He has also served on the education committee and the annual conference committee. Was a board member for 4 years and served as vice president 2years. Most recently serving as the President of the association in 2010. Jonathan has been on the North American Weed Management Association board of directors and served as sec/treas. Participated in the Western Society of Weed Science. Jonathan grew up on the family farm in central Kansas. Often came to Colorado for a family vacation. Fought bindweed, and puncturevine as a boy. The first initiation into noxious weeds came in 4H in a crop and weed ID contest. I was in the KS noxious weed program from 1981 to 1991 in 3 different counties. He attended Kansas State receiving a bachelor’s degree in Agronomy in 1980.

Brock Bowles – MLR Inspector
Dr. Derek Sebastian is the Bayer Vegetation Management Area Sales Manager for Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana. He completed his MS and Ph.D. at Colorado State University with his main research focus on the development of tools such as Esplanade 200 SC, for long-term invasive winter annual grass control. He continues to focus on innovative restoration tools for western natural areas/rangeland. to “Extending the Life of our Noxious Weed Treatments by Targeting the Seed Bank.”

Dr. Kelcey Swyers, Ph.D., Grassland Nutrition Consulting:
B.S. in Animal Science & B.S. Agricultural Business – CSU
M.S. Monogastric Nutrition – Univ. MD
Ph.D. Ruminate Nutrition – CSU
Prior to starting Grassland Nutrition Consulting, Kelcey worked in the Nutrition/Feeds and Feeding industry for 18 years. In addition to multiple internship experiences and part-time positions during her education, she worked for three very reputable nutrition/feed companies. First, she worked for Cargill Animal Nutrition’s Nutrena and Acco brand feed divisions in Ft. Worth, Texas, and eventually became a Territory Manager for them in the Rocky Mountain Region. Then, she got the opportunity to learn about carnivore diets and was the District Manager for the pet food company, Royal Canin, along with the Eastern shore board. Lastly, while completing her doctorate at CSU, Kelcey had the great opportunity to return to Ranch-Way Feeds as their head nutritionist (where she had once been an intern). While there, her primary role was to provide technical nutrition and formulation services to their diverse customer base and develop a HACCP program. Currently, Kelcey is also an Affiliate Faculty Member at CSU and is honored to have the opportunity to guest-lecture in their Animal Science and Equine Science classes, advise grad students, and be privy to their ongoing research efforts.

John Kaltenbach
Jonh has worked for the CDA Insectary for 11 years (6 part-time while he also managed the state’s CAPS program, and for the past 5 years as a full-time biological control specialist). John’s office is in Broomfield but works in the field in the summer all over eastern Colorado. He is the project lead for EAB, Japanese beetle, leafy spurge, diffuse and spotted knapweed biocontrol. He oversees technicians whose work includes studying, collecting and redistributing agents for Canada thistle, field bindweed, puncturevine, Dalmatian and yellow toadflax and musk thistle.
John holds a BS in Entomology from the University of Wyoming (1992)

Shannon Clark, Postdoctoral Researcher, Weed Research Lab
Bioagricultural Sciences & Pest Management, Colorado State University
Ms. Clark received her Ph.D. in Weed Science from Colorado State University. Currently, and is post-doc at Colorado state focusing on evaluating herbicides for invasive species management in natural areas and rangeland and the subsequent restoration of ecosystem processes. My research also involves assessing new herbicides for industrial vegetation management and selective right-of-way weed control.