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Property Tax Relief and Reform

In 2023, Colorado experienced the most impactful property values reassessment in state history, resulting in a historic property tax increase statewide.

While the County Assessor is responsible for discovering, listing, classifying, and valuing all property in the county, property value reassessment is a state-controlled process implemented at the County level, and many state laws regulate these determinations.

County Governments do have the power to reduce the County’s Mill Levy, and Douglas County did so by returning a historic $37.8 million in tax relief without a reduction in County services while investing a historic $10.2 million in public safety.

Depending on when an individual property owner’s full tax payment is complete — either April or June — after property taxes are paid in full, property owners will receive a refund check in July.

Here is what you need to know. 

  1. Your 2024 property tax bill, from the County Treasurer, lists the multiple taxing authorities serving your home including Douglas County, School District, fire districts, metro districts, and more, and the costs for those services to your property. Know where YOUR money goes. Visit the Douglas County Assessor’s website for all the details.
  2. Become an expert on your property taxes.  In addition to visiting the Assessor’s website for your tax authority details, visit the information below for more and signup to receive property tax notification emails.

Live Town Halls

The Board of Douglas County Commissioners are committed to keeping their communities engaged in the property tax discussion.

View Live Town Hall Videos


Resources, for those who qualify, to help reduce property taxes.



Answers to frequently asked quetions.


What has the County done/Is the County doing to help us?

The Board hosted three Property Tax Live Town Halls in April, May, and June, engaging thousands of residents in the conversation; the Board engaged in a legal challenge against Proposition HH and joined efforts to defeat the November ballot item; and hosted a Taxing Authorities Summit in August, with the primary goal to reach a property tax relief solution for the property owners we all serve. The County was active during the Special Session regarding legislative initiatives intended to mitigate the impact of property taxes. The Board, acting as the County Board of Equalization, working with the Assessor, used Colorado Law to adopt a 4% across-the-board reduction in residential property values to help mitigate the impact of increased values on Douglas County residential property owners. The State Board of Equalization (SBOE) denied the County’s effort, to which the County has stated it will appeal the SBOE’s decision.

The Board will adopt its 2024 Budget that for the sixth time in eight years will provide tax relief by reducing the County’s mill levy and returning $37.8 million in tax relief to property owners, without impacting investments in taxpayer services and investing in the top spending priority of Douglas County residents: public safety.

Where Do Tax Dollars Go? The County is but one of many taxing authorities

The County is but one of many taxing authorities providing services to residential properties and represents approximately 19 percent of a property-owner’s total tax statement for services. Check the Assessor’s website and you tax statement to learn more/drive to tax calculator.

What resources are available to older adults to help reduce the impact of increased property taxes?

Find out about programs that can reduce your property tax bill if you are 65 years old or older on the County Assessor’s webpage.