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Traffic Management Centers

Our Traffic Management Center (TMC) provides traffic personnel the ability to monitor and manage County roadway operations using state-of-the-art technology.

With a network of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) devices our team is able to implement real-time adjustments to continually maintain and improve the safety and mobility of road users.

Check out our TMC Tour Schedules below.

Traffic Management Center (TMC) Tours

Tours of the Park Meadows TMC will be offered on a monthly basis in an effort to increase public awareness of the capabilities the TMC provides for Douglas County.

Tours are typically 45 minutes in duration and are limited to five individuals.  Special accommodations for larger groups are available upon request.

Tours occur the following days and times:

First Tuesday and last Friday of the month*

  • Tuesdays: from 3 –  3:45 PM
  • Fridays: from 9 – 9:45 AM

*weather permitting

Interested in a tour?  Contact us to schedule via email or call 303-663-6237.

Douglas County has three Traffic Management Centers (TMCs) – locations are as follows:

  • Primary location – Douglas County’s Park Meadows Center in Lone Tree
  • Other two satellite TMCs are located at County offices in Castle Rock

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Douglas County is focused on maintaining and improving the safety and mobility of roadways for the public, and this is supported by our network of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) devices, which allow us to:

  • Monitor signal operations and traffic congestion with closed-circuit pan-tilt-zoom traffic cameras
  • Share traffic information with drivers using variable message signs
  • Provide travel time using Bluetooth technology devices
  • Alter traffic signal timing
  • Provide incident management by coordinating with first responders or signal technicians

Traffic Incident Response

Major incidents affecting traffic (including major signal malfunction or a traffic signal power outage, etc.):

  • TMC personnel can provide solutions remotely in certain instances.
  • If a solution cannot be reached remotely, TMC personnel can communicate valuable and timely information to first-responders or traffic signal maintenance staff to assist in returning or maintaining a normal traffic flow.