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Roadside Maintenance

Trees blocking signage webTree Removal

County staff is committed to preserving and protecting trees to enhance the experience of living and working in Douglas County. Trees help sustain our environment by providing erosion control, noise buffering, air pollution mediation, and visually appealing aesthetics.

Public Works Operations has developed a tree removal policy to help ensure that trees are protected along roadways without compromising safety. When there are dead trees or trees growing in an unsafe area next to the roadway, they are marked and scheduled for trimming or removal according to policy. Adjacent property owners are notified before any tree removal commences.

Roadside Mowing webMowing

Each year, Public Works Operations establishes a schedule to mow roadsides throughout Douglas County. Roadsides are mowed to help improve driver safety by controlling vegetation in the right-of-way.

Mowing helps improve sight distance, sign visibility, drifting from blowing snow, and awareness of wildlife crossing. Trees and brush are trimmed back along roadways to increase the visibility of obscure driveways, intersections, and curves.