Street Sweeping

Douglas County street sweeper

Douglas County will begin their street sweeping operations in Highlands Ranch residential areas starting mid- late April  The sweepers will begin in the east part Highlands Ranch, moving west.  Signs will be placed at the entrance of subdivisions the day before sweeping is scheduled in order to notify the community when the service will occur.  Message boards will be placed throughout Highlands Ranch through the end of May.

Douglas County would appreciate the cooperation of homeowners/residents to keep their vehicles off the street until their street is swept.  This will help greatly in our efforts to remove the sand and other debris that has built up over the winter.

To report excess roadway debris for removal, please call 303.660.7480.

Why does Douglas County sweep its streets?
Crews sweep streets removing sand and debris that can cause unsafe conditions for motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians, removal of particulate matter to improve air quality locally and meet metro-area air quality standards and iImprove water quality by removing debris before it can enter storm sewers and drainage ways.

When are streets swept?
Arterial roadways within the urbanized unincorporated areas of the County are swept after each snowstorm throughout the winter and other times of the year as required.  The normal interval for sweeping arterial roadways is every 2-3 weeks.  Residential and collector streets are swept once in the spring and again in the fall.

What residents can do to assist?
Residents can assist street sweepers by removing vehicles and other obstructions from the street.  Signs are placed at the entrance to subdivisions the day before sweeping is scheduled to occur.  Residents can also assist by not blowing grass clippings, leaves and debris in the street.