Special Event Permit


June 9 –  Condition of Approval for Special Event Permit issued during “Safer At Home” Public Health Order
As a condition of approval, it is the responsibility of the Organization (or Designated Representative) to determine if this event adheres to the State and/or Tri-County Health Department’s “Safer At Home” Public Health Order (PHO) or any replacement PHO or local variance in effect at the time of the event. Part of that determination is whether the event can legally take place under the current laws and conditions. The organizer understands that Douglas County has no authority or control over PHO’s and that the County is not making any representations that the planned event will be allowed to take place as currently planned. If it is determined the event cannot meet any current PHO, the Designated Representative will notify Douglas County Traffic Services of the cancelation at least 5 days prior to the scheduled event.

Special events requiring a permit include, but are not limited to, parades, fairs, exhibitions, motion picture filming, bicycle events, foot races or walks taking place on or near public roadways or rights-of-way within unincorporated Douglas County. Special events may include events taking place away from a road which, due to the number of persons in attendance, create traffic congestion on a road before or after the event.

This Special Event permit criteria does not apply to food trucks or use of private property. If you are planning this type of event in unincorporated Douglas County, please contact Douglas County Community Development at 303.660.7460.

Neighborhood block parties do not fall under this criteria. Permits are not available for block parties in unincorporated Douglas County, which means block parties are not allowed to occupy public roadways or rights-of-way.

Some general Special Event application information:

  • $50 application processing fee
  • 45 day review period (complete applications need to be submitted 45 days in advance of the event)
  • Detailed plan and map (road use, traffic control, etc.)
  • $1 million liability insurance (provide a certificate of insurance)

If you are planning an event that requires a Special Event Permit or need additional information, please contact the Traffic Services office at 303.663.6237 or by e-mail at [email protected]