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Traffic Management Centers

Douglas County Traffic Management Center

If you live, work, shop or play in the northern tier of Douglas County you may be surprised to know the extent to which technology guides your travel along the County’s major roads.

Douglas County is home to three Traffic Management Centers (TMCs). Each one — the primary location at Douglas County’s Park Meadows Center in Lone Tree and two satellite TMCs at County offices in Castle Rock — allow traffic personnel the ability to monitor and manage traffic congestion. Traffic staff can view the County’s numerous closed circuit traffic cameras, communicate with traffic signals, alter signal timing plans and perform various maintenance duties on the signals from a TMC using remote communication capabilities.

The Park Meadows location has the most functionality of the three centers, featuring a video wall that allows personnel to easily view County, CDOT and Lone Tree traffic cameras. Personnel at the center also have the capability to alter messages for travelers on the County’s permanent variable message signs and monitor traffic congestion data.

In the event of a major incident affecting traffic (including incidents such as a major signal malfunction or a traffic signal power outage), if TMC operators can’t reach a solution remotely they are able to communicate valuable and timely information to first-responders or traffic signal maintenance staff en route or on site to help keep or return traffic to a normal flow.