Stormwater Public Education and Outreach

In a cooperative effort with other government entities providing stormwater programs within Douglas County, a Co-op was established to combine resources and coordinate outreach and education efforts throughout the County.  Through these efforts, “One Thing Is Clear…our creeks, rivers and lakes depend on you” public awareness project was created.  Through this branding, a variety of positive stormwater awareness messages are provided throughout the County.  For more information visit

When it rains, it drains and it has to go somewhere - storm water drainage brochuresStormwater Education

Why is the stream not the right color?

There could be a lot of reasons why the water flowing down the stream is not the color you think it should be…..perhaps there has been mud washing off of a construction site, or some kind of spill has occurred and reached the stream through the stormwater system.  Regardless, Douglas County’s Stormwater Management Program wants to know about it.  To report incidents call the Stormwater Hotline at 303.663.6181.

The County is responsible for the management of sediment control on construction and development sites through our Grading, Erosion, and Sediment Control (GESC) program.