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Wildfire Notification and Evacuation Workshop – Attend On-Site or Watch Online

The April 16, 2019 interactive session includes wildfire-alert sign up assistance and practical tips for evacuation planning.

2017 McArthur Ranch Road fire in the southeastern Highlands Ranch area.
2017 McArthur Ranch Road fire in the southeastern Highlands Ranch area.

If a wildfire was threatening your family and your property, how would you know? What would you do?

Answers to these questions and more will be available to you on Tuesday night, April 16 from 6 – 8 p.m., at the free Wildfire Alert and Evacuation Workshop hosted by the Douglas County Commissioners, County Sheriff and the Douglas County Office of Emergency Management.

Held in the spacious Board of County Commissioner’s Hearing Room, on the first floor of the County Administration Building located at 100 Third Street in Castle Rock, the workshop will also be live-streamed via the County’s YouTube page, accessible from the County’s Wildfire Information web page.

Featuring lessons learned from recent wildfire disasters in other communities just like Douglas County, this workshop will provide individual, hands-on assistance – helping participants register for early-warning alerts such as Code Red and offering evacuation readiness tips.

“Our focus is to assist residents from throughout the County with access to most accurate information available, as fast as possible via all the different notification tools used by first-responders when a wildfire is threatening our County; and share helpful tips on the how, when, where and why of wildfire evacuations,” said Tim Johnson, Director of Douglas County’s Office of Emergency Management.

“If every resident in every Douglas County community signed up for early warning alerts and had an evacuation plan– everyone would benefit,” said Johnson. “Wildfires can happen anywhere in the County — in communities near the national forest and open space areas and in our northern, more urban settings,” he said.

Douglas County Commissioner Roger Partridge calls to mind the County’s significant investment in wildfire aerial support. “The County’s ‘hard, heavy, fast’ approach to wildfire response is so much more effective when residents in the County do all they can to be prepared, including early notification and evacuation planning,” said Partridge.

“Working together we are hoping to educate and create situational awareness….and stay ready in ways that will result in the best chances for surviving a wildfire, as a community,” Partridge said.   

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