Wildfire Information and Resources


It seems like every year there’s a major wildfire in Colorado.  Learn how you can protect your family –including pets and livestock — and your home before there is a fire.  View current fire restrictions in unincorporated Douglas County.  Start preparing for an emergency now!  Sign up for Douglas County Code Red notification, register your gate codes and come up with an escape plan. We’ll show you how to prepare now.  We’re prepared. You should be, too. Safety is a shared responsibility.  Not sure where to start?  Douglas County offers several resources to help you.

Disaster Management and Training

The Douglas County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) monitors for emergency conditions in unincorporated Douglas County and is the main hub for coordination of disaster management and training and emergency preparedness.

Wildfire Mitigation / Risk Reduction

Through the County’s  Wildfire Mitigation Program all new development in unincorporated areas of the County is assessed for wildfire hazards and enforced through the Douglas County Building Codes Wildfire Mitigation Standards and regulations as stated in Douglas County Zoning Resolution Section 17.   Additionally, each construction project within the Wildfire Hazard District Overlay is permitted through the Building Division and is subject to adopted regulations. If a wildfire hazard exists, a prescriptive treatment provided by staff is required in the form of Defensible Space, prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy.

To request a free wildfire hazard assessment on your personal property contact the County’s Certified Wildfire Mitigation Specialist at 303-660-7497 or [email protected].  If a significant wildfire hazard is identified, a Wildfire Mitigation or Forest Management Plan is required prior to the issuance of building permits within the development.

County-Owned Property Mitigation

County-owned properties, including Open Space, are mitigated by the Douglas County Hazard Mitigation Team in conjunction with Wildfire Mitigation staff, Open Space and Public Works Operations. The above partners work together to reduce hazardous fuels and provide for an ecosystem more resistant to wildfire and insect damage on county-owned property.

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