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Aerial support for wildfires

Updated July 30, 2018


* Aug. 21 – The TransAero helicopter that provides wildland fire air support has returned to exclusive status with Douglas County until Oct. 14.   Just as the County continues to prepare for the possibility of wildfire we encourage you to also prepare.

“Due to the strong possibility of dry conditions in and around Douglas County, coupled with the limited air resource availability in the region for fighting wildland fires, it is imperative that we have every resource possible available to us,” said the County’s Director of Emergency Management Tim Johnson.

To ensure the County’s air support readiness during wildfire season, the Board of Douglas County Commissioners approved contracts with four companies during their March 10 Business Meeting, all of whom may provide aerial support on wildland fires. The Board also adopted its Annual Operating Plan — which sets forth roles and responsibilities for the County, the State, and the U.S. Forest Service during a wildfire response in Douglas County.  To view the contracts in their entirety click here to access the March 10 business meeting agenda.

The Trans Aero Helicopter contract secures Douglas County with a 90-day, exclusive use contract, as well the following call-when-needed air support contracts, each for up to $100,000 in aerial support services, are good for a period of 12 months:  Heliqwest International, Inc.; Aero S.E.A.T. Inc.; Rampart Helicopter Services, LLC; and 10 Tanker Air Carrier, LLC. as contingency funds for additional emergency-need, exclusive use periods outside of the 90-day agreement.