Child Care Assistance

* Please be aware, Douglas County’s Child Care Assistance Program currently has a waitlist.*
Please feel free to apply and receive your notice of eligibility for the waitlist.
Teen parents may be exempt from the waitlist.
Please contact our office with questions at

icon_childWho’s Eligible?

  • Parents who are working, or
  • Parents who are searching for a job (within State established time limits), or
  • Teen parents (up to age 21) in a high school diploma program, GED, certificate, or vocational program
  • High School equivalency, ESL, or Adult Basic Education for up to 12 months
  • Families receiving Colorado Works/TANF that are completing countable work activities on their Individual Responsibility Agreement.
  • Applicants must be Douglas County Residents.

ALL Families must be in one of the above listed activities AND income must not exceed the following gross monthly incomes.  Please note these figures are effective September 21, 2016, but are subject to change without notice: 

Printable Guidelines

  • Family of 2 – $2,205.00
  • Family of 3 – $2,777.00
  • Family of 4 – $3,349.00
  • Family of 5 – $3,921.00
  • Family of 6 – $4,493.00
  • Family of 7 – $5,065.00
  • Family of 8 – $5,637.00
  • Family of 9 – $6,209.00

Program Requirements

  • Parents must continuously be in an eligible activity,
  • Parents must provide income verification before approval,
  • Families that qualify must directly pay “a parental fee” to their child care provider for a portion of the total cost, and
  • Eligibility for continued assistance is periodically re-determined.
  • Parents must cooperate with Child Support Enforcement services.

These are the primary factors used to determine eligibility for this program.  Eligibility will be determined by Child Care Assistance Program staff when the applicant has completed an application, orientation by phone, and provided necessary verification.

Applications may be completed online at  or you may use the PEAK Kiosk computer available at the Douglas County Human Services building, 4400 Castleton Court, Castle Rock.  Paper applications are available at the Douglas County Department of Human Services and can be mailed upon request.

For an appointment to discuss program eligibility, or to begin the application and orientation process, please call:

Phone:  303-688-4825
Fax: 1-877-285-8988
4400 Castleton Court
Castle Rock, CO 80109

Below is a list of documentation you will need to provide along with your application:

  1. Social Security cards for all family members
  2. Birth certificates for all children
  3. Picture identification for every adult in the household
  4. Immunization records for all children
  5. One month of pay stubs for each parent
  6. Three months of child support verification

If you just started a new job, a confirmation letter from your employer is required. The letter must include your hire date, rate of pay, how often you are paid and your schedule. Also, needed are pay stubs within 30 days from your application date.

If you are requesting child care while you attend school, you will need to provide an enrollment verification letter that includes your start and end date, the program you are enrolled in, the length of time it will take to complete the program, your anticipated salary upon graduation, anticipated graduation date and daily schedule. You will also need to provide a copy of all loans and grants that you are receiving. We can help with child care while you are in school, providing you can complete your program and earn your degree or professional license/vocational certificate within 2 years of the date of your CCAP application. Assistance for child care does not apply for anyone who is working on a Masters degree or above. If you are in High School or in training to earn a GED, you can receive assistance until you complete your high school/GED education or you reach the age of 22.

Parents also need to be in one of the following activities:

  • Employment (including self-employment)
  • Job search (this can only be for six months per year)
  • High School Education/GED (until the education is completed or you reach the age of 22)
  • College (if you will earn your degree or professional license/vocational certificate within two years and you do not already have a Bachelor’s degree or above)

If you are approved for child care assistance, you may be required to pay a portion of the total child care cost, this is your parental fee.  The parental fee is the amount the applicant will need to pay for child care. The parental fee is paid directly to the child care provider each month. If you do not pay your parental fee, or stop paying it in the future, child care assistance cannot continue and you will be automatically considered ineligible for child care. Any future application for assistance, in any Colorado county, will not be approved until a receipt from the child care provider is presented showing that the total amount has been paid.

There are two types of licensed providers:

Licensed Centers and Licensed Homes

For a complete listing of licensed providers in Douglas County, visit You may also call 1-877-338-2273 to speak to a referral specialist.

This list will show all the licensed child care centers/homes in Douglas County accepting the Child Care Assistance Program. If you want to use a provider that is not on this list, that provider will need to sign a contract with Douglas County Human Services, before we can pay them.

In order to qualify for the Child Care Assistance Program, the provider has to have a contract with Douglas County Human Services, or be able to work with Douglas County Human Services Tree to obtain a contract.  Family Tree cannot choose your child care provider for you. When you choose a child care provider, think about whether your child will be safe and encouraged to grow and learn.

You can select a state licensed center or home or an exempt provider. Exempt providers can include a friend or family member. If you want an exempt provider to be your child care provider, the provider and all members of their household over the age of 18 must be fingerprinted and a background check completed. The exempt provider is responsible for payment of the fingerprinting and background check. Child care cannot be authorized until the checks are completed.

To find out more information and/or to apply for Child Care Assistance, please call the 303-688-4825.