Stormwater Management Program

The Douglas County Stormwater Management Program provides:

  • Public education
  • Tracking of stormwater system impact activities
  • Review of projects that have the potential to impact the stormwater system
  • Coordination between federal, state, and local government for compliance to federally-mandated programs.

To find out more about the County’s Stormwater Management Program objectives:

Stormwater Management Program Objectives

Stormwater….what’s it all about?

The primary function of a storm sewer system, including the natural channels, is the collection, movement and storage of stormwater runoff.  In a watershed-based approach to urban stormwater management, the pipes, inlets, outlets and other stormwater system features assist in moving the stormwater from areas where it can impact the safety, health and welfare of the communities within these watersheds.  Inadequate stormwater management can result in flooding, infrastructure and property damage, excessive soil erosion, degraded open space, unacceptable water quality in potable water supply reservoirs and other water bodies with decreased recreational and/or fish and wildlife values.

Douglas County is committed to taking a proactive role in the management of its stormwater system as a part of providing quality services to its citizens.  One example of our proactive approach is the Storm Drainage Design and Technical Criteria Manual which provides guidance to developers and the County for effective management of stormwater and stormwater systems.

Public Education and Outreach

In a cooperative effort with other government entities providing stormwater programs within Douglas County, a Co-op was established to combine resources and coordinate outreach and education efforts throughout the County.  Through these efforts, “One Thing Is Clear…our creeks, rivers and lakes depend on you” public awareness project was created.  Through this branding a variety of positive stormwater awareness messages are provided throughout the County.  For more information visit

For further information about the County’s Public Education component of our Stormwater Phase II Permit:

In addition to this local outreach effort the County’s Stormwater Management Program also provides links to a variety of agencies and resources on our links page.

Why is the stream not the right color?

There could be a lot of reasons why the water flowing down the stream is not the color you think it should be…..perhaps there has been mud washing off of a construction site, or some kind of spill has occurred and reached the stream through the stormwater system.  Regardless, the Douglas County’s Stormwater Management Program wants to know about it.  To report incidents call theStormwater Hotline at 303.663.6181.

The County is responsible for management of sediment control on construction and development sites through our Grading, Erosion, and Sediment Control (GESC) program.

For further information regarding unpermitted discharges to the storm sewer system:
Illicit Discharge, Detention and Elimination

Douglas County staff is in charge of ensuring unpermitted discharges are eliminated, cleaned up properly, and reported to the State Water Quality Control Division

Need More Stormwater Information?

For more information visit the Help Me With Section of this page or feel free to contact us at 303.660.7490 to ask questions or receive assistance relative to stormwater.   The Stormwater Hotline 303.663.6181 is also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for reporting spills and concerns regarding stormwater.