Child Care Assistance

What age are children allowed to stay at home alone?  Please click here. 

Emergency Child Care Support 

Families, providers and community partners may find more information at the Colorado Office of Early Childhood.
If you are a provider and have any questions, please contact Douglas County CCCAP at 303.814.7135 or [email protected].



The Colorado Child Care Assistance Program (CCCAP) helps families that are homeless, working, searching for work or in school help pay for childcare (CCCAP may pay a portion or all of the cost of childcare). Based on program referrals, families that are enrolled in the Colorado Works Program or engaged with Child Welfare Services may also use CCCAP services.

Income eligibility varies by county although the lowest income level served statewide is 185% or less of the federal poverty guideline. Counties may not serve families that have an income of over 85% of the state median income (SMI).

You can apply for CCCAP online, by mail or by the Department of Human Services if you are using the paper application you must submit it in person or by mail.  While you must apply for benefits in the county in which you live, you can use CCCAP in any county (i.e. the county in which you work or attend school).

Douglas County is providing CCCAP to families with a gross income at or below 265%* of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) for their household size:

Family Size: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Maximum Monthly Gross Income: $3,734.29 $4,710.38 $5,686.48 $6,662.54 $7,638.63 $8,614.71 $9,743.17 $10,116.50
Maximum Annual Gross Income $44,811.48 $50,044.56 $68,237.252 $79,950.48 $91,663.56 $103,376.58 $116,918.04 $121,398.00

*The above amounts in red indicate income levels that equal the 85% SMI threshold.  At these household sizes, the entrance (application) and exit (redetermination) income eligibility levels are the same as amounts. 

You may pay a Child Care recovery online at Douglas County Online Payment Service.