Emergency / General Assistance

Money for emergency assistance and basic living needs

The Douglas County General Assistance Program is intended to help with the one-time emergency need of residents to address issues of health, safety and/or well-being.  To be eligible for this help, applicants must have applied for benefits through all other applicable programs and show how they can meet their future expenses.

Individuals and families may be eligible for assistance for:

  • Rent or mortgage if you have an eviction notice
  • Utility bills if you have a shut-off or disconnect notice
  • Burials if the individual is not on one of the qualified assistance programs
  • Prescriptions

The individual or family’s income must be below the gross income level (before taxes) for their household size.

Income Guidelines for the General Assistance Program 150% of Poverty

Persons in
Family Unit
 Gross Annual
 Gross Monthly
1 $18, 735 $1,561.25
2  $25,365  $2,113.75
3 $31,995 $2,666.25
4 $38,625 $3,218.75
5 $45,255 $3,771.25
6 $51,885 $4,323.75
7 $58,515 $4,876.25
8 $65,145 $5,428.75
Each Additional Person  $552.50











To apply you must complete an Application for Emergency Assistance, meet with a member of our staff to review your application and satisfy any additional requirements.

If you need help with rent or utilities, you will be required to turn in a copy of the eviction notice or utility shutoff notice.  A copy of your photo I.D. and a current pay stub will also be required.   Additional information may be requested.