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Emergency / General Assistance

Money for emergency assistance and basic living needs

The Douglas County General Assistance Program is intended to help with the one-time emergency need to address issues of health, safety and/or well-being.  To be eligible for this help, applicants must show how they can meet their future expenses.

Individuals and families may be eligible for assistance for:

  • Rent or mortgage if you have an eviction notice
  • Motel costs if you are homeless
  • Utility bills if you have a shut-off or disconnect notice
  • Burials if the individual is not on one of the qualified assistance programs
  • Prescriptions
  • Food
  • Gas

COVID General Assistance
Douglas County has temporary funding to provide emergency/general assistance relief for COVID related health, safety and/or issues of well-being.  In order to be considered for this assistance, applicants must demonstrate their need(s) are a direct result of the COVID pandemic.

To apply you must complete a COVID General Assistance application for Emergency Assistance.  (A Spanish application is also available.)  Funding is available until it runs out, likely in mid to late Dec. 2020.  The application cannot be completed on a mobile device, you will need to use a desktop computer or laptop.  

Please complete the application in full and gather the required documentation (see checklist below).  List everyone living in the household. Failure to provide information on all persons living in the household may result in a denial of your application or any assistance awarded may be required to be returned/paid back.  Include any retirement or investment accounts under the checking/savings account current balances section.

Applications that are incomplete will require longer processing time or may be denied.  Send the completed applications and required documentation to [email protected] or drop-off in person at the Douglas County Human Services offices located at 4400 Castleton Court in Castle Rock.


  • Application completed in full by applicant or representative
    • Applicant self-certification/attestation that the financial hardship is due to the COVID-19 portion of the application is completed
  • Statement or invoice of expense/s that need to be paid that show the total amount being requested
    • Late fees are not an eligible expense for reimbursement
  • Income verification for the previous 30 days in which expense is being paid, i.e. paystubs or official payroll information (for example, if Sept. rent assistance is being requested, Aug. income information is needed)
    • If multiple months worth of expenses are being paid, income verification will be needed for each month
  • Valid applicant identification, i.e. driver’s license, or another id card

General Assistance

To apply you must complete an Application-for-Emergency-Assistance meet with a member of our staff to review your application and satisfy any additional requirements. The application cannot be completed on a mobile device, you will need to use a desktop computer or laptop.  

After you complete the application, email it to [email protected] along with any supporting documentation.  Complete applications with all the needed documentation to support your request will speed up the process.

If you need help with rent or utilities, you will be required to turn in a copy of the eviction notice or utility shutoff notice.  A copy of your photo I.D. and a current pay stub will also be required.   Additional information may be requested.