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Health Insurance Buy-in (HIBI)

Money to pay for private health insurance (Health Insurance Buy-In)

The Health Insurance Buy-in (HIBI) program is for Health First Colorado (Colorado’s Medicaid program) clients who have access to commercial health insurance. Commercial health insurance includes self-funded insurance, employer-sponsored insurance, or COBRA.


  1. HIBI participants receive payments for the monthly cost of all or a portion of your commercial health insurance premium. Checks are made out to the commercial health insurance clients or designated payee on file.
  2. Reimbursements for deductibles, coinsurance, and co-pays. When the HIBI member received health care services form a non-participating Medicaid provider, HIBI will cover the cost of copays, coinsurance, and deductibles when the documentation demonstrates your insurance company has processed the claim as a paid claim.
  3. HIBI participation does not affect your eligibility for Medicaid.

If you are found eligible for HIBI, your added health insurance overage offers:

  • Specific services not covered by Medicaid
  • Specialists from a wider network of doctors
  • Possible payment of health insurance premiums for a non-Medicaid policyholder

The commercial health insurance policy must cover the Medicaid client(s) listed on your application.

Along with your application, you must provide an official insurance premium rate sheet that includes information about your current policy or the policy you will enroll in once you are found eligible. You can ask your insurance company or employer for this information.

Every three months, the HIBI program will verify that your insurance is active. You will be asked to provide proof of your insurance premium payments.

Applying for HIBI:

  • Online at Colorado Health Insurance Buy-In Program  and click on the “Apply online” link
  • Call our toll-free customer service line at (855) MyCOHIBI or (855) 692-6442 to start your application over the phone

Submit your application and documents by:

Toll-free fax: 855-226-4424
Fax coversheet

Mailing Address:
Colorado HIBI Program
1550 Larimer St Box #1000
Denver, CO 80202

This is not a physical address – please do not deliver applications in person.

To process your application, you will need to send in the following information before you can officially be determined HIBI eligible and receive payments:

  • A copy of the front and back of your insurance card
  • Summary of benefits for your policy plan or desired policy plan
  • Your health insurance rate sheet
  • A recent pay stub or other verification to show proof of your premium payment