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Home Care Allowance

Money to pay someone for personal care in your home

You may eligible for assistance to pay someone with your personal care if you are over 18 and disabled.  A member of our staff will meet with you in your home to find out what types of assistance you require – such as bathing, getting dressed, laundry and eating.    In order to receive this type of assistance, you must also receive financial assistance for disabled adults or adults over 60.

To apply you must complete an application and meet with a member of our staff to review your application.  You will have to submit a new application every year to ensure that you are still eligible to receive this type of assistance. If you are legally or common-law married, each person has to apply separately.

You may file an application one of three ways:

  1. Pick-up an application at the Douglas County Human Services office
  2. Have an application mailed to you by calling 303.688.4825.
  3. Complete an application online at