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Medicare Savings Program

Payment of your Medicare premium

The State of Colorado may pay your Medicare Part B premium.  Your income and resources cannot exceed a certain amount each month.

  • Examples of income are money you get from employment, child support, unemployment or Social Security.
  • Examples of resources are money in your bank accounts, or your retirement plans or investments.

To apply, you have to turn in an application. Every year you will have to apply again to make sure you are still able to receive the monthly payment.

To apply you must complete an application and meet with a member of our staff to review your application.  If you are legally or common-law married, each person will nee to apply separately.  Married people will need to list their spouse’s income and resources on their own application.  If your premium is approved by the State of Colorado, it may take a couple of months before Social Security stops taking the money out of your Social Security check.

You may file an application one of three ways:

  1. Pick-up an application at the Douglas County Human Services office
  2. Have an application mailed to you by calling 303.688.4825.
  3. Complete an application online at