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The Philip S. Miller Grant Program

The Philip S. Miller Grant Program is the legacy of Douglas County businessman and philanthropist Philip Simon Miller and his wife, Jessie. In 1980 the Millers, having no children, established The Philip S. Miller Charitable Trust and named nine beneficiaries to receive an annual cash distribution from income generated by the trust upon their deaths. Trust distributions are to be used “exclusively for charitable, scientific, literary or educational purposes.”

As one of the beneficiaries of the Philip S. Miller Charitable Trust, Douglas County has established the Philip S. Miller Grant Program to administer the funds received from the trust. This program supports a broad array of services designed to enhance the quality of life of Douglas County residents. Income from the Trust varies from year to year.

Application Requirements

All 501(c)3 or 501(c)4 organizations serving Douglas County residents are welcome to apply. The most competitive grant applications will be from organizations providing services that support at-risk children, vulnerable adults or other underserved populations. Strong consideration will be given to applicants that demonstrate solid partnership-building skills and leveraging grants heavily.

Grant applications are due February 18, 2020, and will be reviewed in the spring. Awards will be determined in the second quarter and funds are generally available in a one-time payment.   A sample application form is available here. Fillable PDF application forms will be developed to streamline the process and emailed to existing grantees and new applicants. Contact Melanie Grothe  at [email protected] to request an application form.

Reporting Requirements

The 2019 report is due by January 13, 2020.  A report form has been prepared to assist grantees in meeting reporting requirements. A sample report form is available here. A fillable PDF will be emailed to the 2019 grantees. Submit the report to Melanie Grothe at [email protected].