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Report Fraud

If you or someone you know is receiving child care, energy, food, financial or medical assistance it’s important to remember that all information reported on the application has to be complete and accurate.  The applications can be confusing so be sure to ask if you have questions.   If you realize you have forgotten something or made an error, please contact the Department of Human Services immediately.  Unintentional errors can be fixed, but there may be some benefits due back.   Clients should read the entire application before signing, as it describes their responsibilities for reporting initial and future information.

The most common examples of errors are failure to report all sources of income, and the number and relationship of the various people in the household.

Intentional errors or omissions are considered fraud and will be pursued by the Department of Human Services. If the State Administrative Court determines the error or omission was intentional, a program disqualification will result in childcare, Colorado Works (or TANF), and Food Assistance (or SNAP).  The Department of Human Services will pursue recovery of all incorrectly paid benefits.  In extreme circumstances, felony criminal charges may be pursued.

Can providers commit fraud?
Child welfare, childcare, and Medicaid providers may commit fraud by incorrectly or overbilling for services.  Also, retailers that accept Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) payment may commit fraud in coordination with or without clients being aware.  Depending on the program and amount, the Department of Human Services will pursue providers.  This could result in non-payment, termination of a fiscal agreement or contract, referral to State licensing, referral to the State Attorney General, or referral to the USDA, Food and Nutrition Services, Retailer Operations Division.

How do I report fraud?
Client and provider fraud can be reported by calling the Douglas County Department of Human Services or emailing [email protected].    You may also call the Colorado Department of Human Services Fraud Hotline at 877-934-6361