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Emergency/General Assistance

The Douglas County General Assistance Program is intended to help with a one-time emergency need to address issues of health, safety and/or well-being.  To be eligible for this help, applicants must show how they can meet their future expenses.

Individuals and families may be eligible for assistance with:

  • Rent, with an eviction notice
  • Motel costs if you are homeless
  • Utility bills, with shut-off or disconnect notice
  • Burial/cremation, if the individual was not on one of the qualified assistance programs
  • Prescriptions, if not covered by Medicaid or other insurance
  • Food
  • Gas

Some services may not be available through this program if funding is not available.

For additional information or questions on the general assistance program, please contact our office at 303-688-4825.

Additional Information

How do I apply?

To apply you must complete an Application-for-Emergency-Assistance. You may need to meet with a member of our staff to review your application and provide any additional information or documentation.  The application cannot be completed on a mobile device, you will need to use a desktop computer or laptop.

After you complete the application, email it to [email protected] along with any supporting documentation. Complete applications with all needed documentation to support your request will speed up the process.

A copy of your photo I.D. and current pay stubs will also be required. If you need help with rent or utilities, you will be required to turn in a copy of the eviction notice or utility shutoff notice. Additional information may be requested.

What are the income limits?

The income limit for this program is 150% Federal Poverty Level.

In 2023, that equates to:

One (1) household member:

  • $1,823 gross monthly income

Two (2) household members

  • $2,465 gross monthly income

Three (3) household members

  • $3,108 gross monthly income

Four (4) household members

  • $3,750 gross monthly income

Five (5) household members

  • $4,393 gross monthly income

Six (6) household members

  • $5,035 gross monthly income

Seven (7) household members

  • $5,678 gross monthly income

Eight (8) household members

  • $6,320 gross monthly income

*For each additional household member after eight, add $642