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Watershed Dam on Your Property – Things to Remember

There are a few rules that a landowner needs to be aware of if they do have a Watershed Dam on their property or if there is one of these dams in your neighborhood.


  • Contact the County or the District if you have one of these dams on your property
  • Report any noticeable damage to any of these dams. (Examples of damages can be embankment erosion holes, trees growing in the dam embankment, water seepage through the dam, water passing through the axillary spillway over the dam, or water being retained and not released through the principal spillway pipe.)
  • Report erosion.
  • Report trees on the embankment
  • Outlet structure is free of trash and debris and in good operation
  • Spillway is free of obstruction and in good operation


  • No alterations of any kind either taking from or adding to the dam can be made without prior permission from the County or the District
  • No motor vehicles allowed on any part of the dam.
  • No grazing of any livestock on the dam and spillway
  • For proper operation, no trash and/or debris such as  branches, plants, etc. shall obstruct  water flow

The County and the District retains recorded easements on all of the dams located within the  Watershed Project Area. Recorded easements allow the County and the District to access to the dams for inspections and any operation and maintenance repairs that may be needed.

Typical flood control damn in Franktown Parker area
Typical flood control damn in Franktown Parker area.