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To report spills and concerns regarding stormwater please contact the Stormwater Hotline 303.663.6181 or via email at [email protected] 24/7.

In 2013 Douglas County passed a Stormwater Ordinance that committed the County to take a proactive role in the management of its stormwater system as a part of providing quality services to its citizens through coordination between federal, state, and local government for compliance to federally-mandated programs, including the Colorado Clean Water Coalition.  The County’s Stormwater Standard Operating Procedures ensure consistent effective practices are implemented at all County-owned or operated facilities.

The Storm Drainage Design and Technical Criteria Manual provides guidance to developers and the County for effective management of stormwater and stormwater systems.  Operation and Maintenance templates are provided for design engineers.  Inadequate stormwater management can result in flooding, infrastructure, and property damage, excessive soil erosion, degraded open space, unacceptable water quality in potable water supply reservoirs and other water bodies with decreased recreational and/or fish and wildlife values.  Find more information on the County’s flood control projects and flood plain maps.

Our stormwater program also provides public education, information on property disposal of yard waste for businesses and residents.  We even provide information for paint recycling.  We track stormwater system impact activities, and review of projects that have the potential to impact the stormwater system including illicit discharge, detection, and elimination.  Unpermitted discharges are eliminated, cleaned up properly, and reported to the State Water Quality Control Division.