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Sidewalk Algae and Ice

Clearer Sidewalks - Safer Communities, brochure about preventing excessive algae and ice on your sidewalk

Do you have excess water on your sidewalks that become ice build-up in the winter or algae growth in the summer?

Snow, rain, sprinklers, and discharge from sump pumps and roof drainage systems are all contributors to water overflow onto sidewalks and then the conditions that create a safety issue for pedestrians.

We’re here to help. For more information, please review the attached brochure “Clearer Sidewalks – Safer Communities,” for a better understanding of the potential solution and what you may be able to do right away to correct the problem. If you’ve tried everything listed in the brochure and still have questions or concerns, please contact Douglas County Engineering at 303.660.7490, or by email [email protected]