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District III Commissioner Lora L. Thomas

Updated June 27, 2018


Lora Thomas serves as the 2018 Chair of the Board of County Commissioners.  She was elected Douglas County Commissioner, District III, in November 2016 and began serving her first term in January 2017.

Ms. Thomas is a third-generation Coloradan who has called Douglas County her home for 25 years.

As a Douglas County Commissioner, Lora Thomas will bring leadership, valuable life lessons and conservative values to the Office, and her door will always be open to listen and learn from all Douglas County residents.

In addition to her fundamental responsibilities as a County Commissioner, Ms. Thomas also serves as a representative of Douglas County, by way of Board appointment, to the following area organizations: 18th Judicial District Attorney’s Seizure Board; Arapahoe/Douglas Workforce Development Board; Cherry Creek Basin Water Quality Control Authority; Chatfield Basin Watershed Authority; Northwest Douglas County Economic Development Corporation; Douglas County Emergency Telephone (9-1-1) Authority; and the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Forfeiture Board.

Additionally, Commissioner Thomas shares in the Board’s responsibility for the County’s presence on the Denver Regional Council of Governments Board; E-470 Public Highway Authority; the Partnership of Douglas County Governments; the Denver South I-25 Urban Corridor Transportation Management Authority; Urban Drainage and Flood Control District; the Denver South Economic Development Partnership; and the Metro Area County Commissioners.

Thomas also serves as the Colorado Counties, Inc. (CCI) Steering Committee appointee for the General Government; Health and Human Services; and the Justice and the Public Safety Committees.

In March 2018, Ms. Thomas was appointed by the CCI Board of Directors to serve on the Colorado Department of Human Services Child Fatality Review Team.  In June 2018, she was appointed by the Governor to serve on the State Emergency Medical Trauma Advisory Council and the Coroners Standards and Training Board.

While living in Douglas County, Lora has been involved in the community through her service as the Chairman of the Victim Compensation Board for the 18th Judicial District; a member of the Public Issues Committee for the Highlands Ranch Community Association; and a Board Member for the Men’s Crisis Connection.  She currently serves as President of “A Night with the Coroner,” a non-profit that raises funds for suicide prevention efforts.

Thomas first ran for public office in 2010, was elected and served a four-year term as Douglas County Coroner, from 2011 to 2015.

For 26 years Ms. Thomas served with the Colorado State Patrol.  During her career with State Patrol, she was assigned to Douglas County as a trooper. She later became the first woman Captain and Major.