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Board of County Commissioners


Safe Celebrations

Approval process for professional firework displays in Douglas County.

Whether you are a long-time resident or new to our communities, you may be aware that professional fireworks displays occur throughout the year. What you may not know are all of the steps required long before the first sparkler takes flight. The following, sequential process is shared to ensure you are aware of all that must occur to ensure the highest level of safety by anyone producing a professional fireworks display in Douglas County.  The following steps protect lives, personal property and the County’s treasured landscapes and other natural resources you value.

Site Selection

  • A site must be large enough for maximum shell size and safety
    • The site size must conform with governing state/federal controlling regulation
    • Sites must be fire defensible, away from structures and people, and include additional buffer zones
  • Sites are chosen based on security and fencing that prohibit public access
  • Written permission must be granted from the landowner

Vendor Selection

  • The vendor must have required licenses
    • Colorado Display Fireworks License
    • Federal Explosive License
    • US DOT Registration
    • Hazardous Materials Safety Transportation Permit
    • Vendor Insurance
    • Colorado Explosives Dealer certification
    • Insurance Claim/Accident History

Permit Process

  • Applications are submitted to Fire Protection Agency by the Vendor, along with the following:
    • Proof of landowner permission
    • Vendor licenses
    • Vendor insurance
    • Fireworks inventory audit
    • List of vendor employees
    • Site plan
    • Flight Path Permit with Centennial (NOTAM filed with aviation authority)
    • Verification of compliance with controlling state/federal regulations

Public Outreach

  • Written information must be provided to individual landowners
  • Public information must be disseminated via all possible traditional and digital means – beginning one month prior to the event – to help ensure awareness of the forthcoming fireworks display.

Display Site Inspections (Wildlife Regulations)

  • Professional Condition Analysis and a meeting a week before the display to determine if it’s safe to proceed as planned
    • County Commissioners will have a discussion with Fire Departments and Law Enforcement to gather professional input on current launch conditions
    • Based upon this meeting a decision will be made to proceed or cancel
    • Agenda for the Condition Analysis Meeting
      • Plan Overview
      • Site Safety
      • Site Security
      • Current Restrictions
      • Condition Assessment
      • Resource Analysis
      • Other Concerns
  • Site inspection – prior to the day of the event
    • Approval from Fire Protection Agency
      • Site improvements made as needed to mitigate risk based on recommendations and conditions (this can include mowing and trenching to maximize safety)
      • State Wildlife protection regulations are checked against display sites to ensure all regulations are met and followed
  • Fire Protection Personnel inspection – day of the event
    • Fire Restrictions (Information about current fire restrictions in Douglas County, as determined by the Sheriff, is available at the Office of Emergency Management’s webpage.)
    • Approved staff roster onsite
    • Site installation matches approved permit application description
    • Vendor licenses are checked
    • Compliance with controlling DOT HazMat Transportation regulations
    • Equipment inspection (Display Equipment)
    • Site security review
  • Final Decision – go / no go for the event

Display Representation- all have authority to stop the display, monitor changes in conditions

  • Fire Department
  • County Staff
  • Law Enforcement
  • Vendor

After Display Site Inspection

  • Debris and area thoroughly cleaned up

For additional information and to begin the process of planning for a professional fireworks display in Douglas County please contact:

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Additional Safety Details about Fireworks
Because safety is our top priority, the fireworks shows are weather-dependent. Prior to any Holiday Fireworks Display, Commissioners will meet with public safety personnel to discuss current conditions and get a recommendation about moving forward with the fireworks shows.

Commissioners emphasize that the displays were designed, and locations determined, while working closely with law enforcement and fire protection agencies. Agencies conduct site inspections before the shows; are on-hand to monitor conditions during the shows; and will conduct site inspections after the shows.

Douglas County recognizes that some individuals, as well as pets, within our communities may experience discomfort when they are surprised by the sounds of fireworks explosions. The County is therefore working with our Sheriff’s Office, other local law enforcement, our large special districts, and municipalities to ensure widespread public awareness. Beginning 12 days before the events, information is being shared via digital advertising, video, social media, an email to subscribers, and traditional print advertising.

In the interest of public safety, Douglas County law enforcement – including the Sheriff’s Office and surrounding municipal police – ask that you plan ahead and honor road closures as well as the ‘No Parking’ signs in the vicinity of the launch sites. Expect temporary changes to traffic patterns and no-parking zones near launch sites.

If you are unable to view from your home, please be prepared to honor all signage and direction from on-site law enforcement when choosing a viewing location and ensure you are not blocking driveways or other public access.