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Board of County Commissioners

Commissioner Appointments as provided by State Statute or Board Policy

Updated Jan. 9, 2024

Douglas County Board of Commissioner Chair and Vice-Chair Positions

When necessary due to an absence of the Chair, the off-rotation Commissioner shall serve as Vice-Chair during such absence.  The Vice-Chair shall have the authority and duties provided in the Chairman-temporary chairman per Section 30-10-307, C.R.S.

2024 Chair
George Teal

2024 Vice-Chair
Abe Laydon

2023 County Commissioners’ Appointments to External and Internal Boards, Committees, and Initiatives 

18th Judicial District Attorney’s Seizure Board
George Teal

Arapahoe County Public Airport Authority, Executive Committee
Abe Laydon
John Sieber
James Huffman

Arapahoe/Douglas Workforce Development Board
Abe Laydon

Castle Rock Economic Development Council
George Teal

Centennial Airport Community Noise Roundtable
Abe Laydon
Alison Biggs
Dan Avery, Alternate
Mark Adams, Alternate

Chatfield Basin Watershed Authority
George Teal
Abe Laydon – Alternate

Cherry Creek Basin Water Quality Control Authority
Abe Laydon

Colorado Counties Inc. 
Secretary, Board of Directors – Lora Thomas
Public Safety Communications Committee – Lora Thomas
Works Allocation Committee – Lora Thomas

Colorado Counties Inc. (CCI) Steering Committees

  • Agriculture, Wildlife and Rural Affairs – George Teal
  • General Government – George Teal
  • Health & Human Services  – Abe Laydon
  • Justice and Public Safety – Lora Thomas
  • Land Use & Natural Resources – Abe Laydon
  • Public Lands – George Teal
  • Taxation and Finance –  Lora Thomas
  • Tourism and Economic Development –  Lora Thomas
  • Transportation & Telecommunications – Abe Laydon

Colorado Forest Health Council
Abe Laydon

Colorado Independent Ethics Commissioner
Lora Thomas

Community Services Block Grant Tripartite Board
Abe Laydon

Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG)
George Teal – Board of Directors, Finance & Budget and Technology & Risk Management Subcommittees
Abe Laydon Alternate

Denver Regional Council of Government – Subregional Transportation Committee
Abe Laydon, George Teal, and Lora Thomas, Members

Denver South Economic Development Partnership Board of Directors
Abe Laydon
Lora Thomas, Alternate

Denver South Economic Development Partnership
Abe Laydon, Member
George Teal, Member
Lora Thomas, Member

Denver South I-25 Urban Corridor Transportation Management Authority
Abe Laydon
Lora Thomas, Alternate

Developmental Pathways Board of Directors
Abe Laydon

Douglas County Board of Health
Lora Thomas – Vice President
George Teal – Member

Douglas County Community Foundation
Abe Laydon

Douglas County Emergency Telephone (9-1-1) Authority
Lora Thomas

Douglas County Homeless Initiative
Abe Laydon

Douglas County Housing Partnership
Abe Laydon
Jarrod D. Lassen

Douglas County Mental Health Initiative
Lora Thomas

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Forfeiture Board
Lora Thomas

Douglas County Wildfire Initiative
Abe Laydon

Douglas County Youth Initiative Advisory Committee
Abe Laydon

E-470 Public Highway Authority
George Teal
Lora Thomas, Alternate

Highline Canal Conservancy
Lora Thomas

Metro Area County Commissioners
Abe Laydon
George Teal
Lora Thomas

Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation
Abe Laydon

Mile High Flood District
George Teal
Abe Laydon, Alternate

National Association of Counties (NaCO/NACoRF)
Abe Laydon -Transportation Policy Steering Committee
Lora Thomas – Justice and Public Safety Policy Steering Committee

Northwest Douglas County Economic Development Corporation
George Teal
Abe Laydon, Alternate

Partnership of Douglas County Governments
Abe Laydon
George Teal
Lora Thomas

Southern Shooting Partnership
George Teal

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