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Board of County Commissioners

CBOE Notification of Hearing and Determination

Notification of Hearing

When filing an appeal, the scheduled hearing will be confirmed by email to the address provided.  This hearing will be a teleconference using Microsoft Teams and will be conducted remotely by a hearing officer experienced in property valuation. You will be able to connect to the hearing with either a computer or telephone.

Instructions to access the hearing will follow by a separate e-mail delivered at least three business days prior to the hearing.  Please call 303-660-7302 with any CBOE questions.

Once a petitioner elects to receive email communications and an email address is provided all contact from Douglas County CBOE will be sent to the email provided. Unfortunately, servers or SPAM filters often block important messages or send them to your junk mail folder because they don’t recognize the sender.  Once you provide an email address, please add the CBOE email [email protected]  and the domain @douglas.co.us to your email address book or contact list. Please check your junk email or SPAM if you are expecting documents for the CBOE and have not yet received them.

About the Hearing

Hearings will be held by teleconference using Microsoft Teams and will be hosted remotely by a hearing officer experienced in property valuation. You will be able to connect to the hearing with either a computer or telephone. The CBOE online application provides the means for the Petitioner and Assessor to provide information to the hearing officer and each other.  All documents intended to be considered by the hearing officer must be submitted into the system, delivered in person, or received by regular mail at the Douglas County offices, within two business days of the scheduled hearing. Copies of the Assessor’s documentation will also be submitted online and can be downloaded by the Petitioner no less than two days prior to the hearing. An email will be generated each time new documents are added to the appeal including when the Assessor’s Report has been uploaded.

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County Board of Equalization’s Determination

The CBOE must conclude its hearings and render decisions by November 1, 2023, per Section 39-8-107(2) C.R.S.  No later than November 1, 2023, determination letters will be mailed and emailed to property owners advising them of the outcome of their appeal(s). If you do not receive your final decision by November 10, 2023, please contact CBOE by email [email protected] or call the Commissioner’s Office at 303-660-7401.

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Board of Equalization Administration

The Clerk to the Board of Equalization oversees the CBOE appeals. It is the clerk’s responsibility to:

Our goal is for you, the taxpayer, to have full access to the appeal system.

For administrative questions (filing petitions, scheduling hearings) contact:

County Board of Equalization
100 Third St
Castle Rock, CO 80104
Phone: 303-660-7302
Fax: 303-484-4344
Email: [email protected]