Burial Assistance

Payment for Burial

If you are participating in at least one of these programs, families may be able to receive financial assistance to pay for cremation, funeral and burial costs in the United States.

  • Old Age Pension
  • Aid to the Needy Disabled, Aid to the Blind, SSI Supplement
  • Colorado Works
  • Medicaid for children, pregnant women and families with children
  • Medicaid for children with special needs (for example, a child with autism, needing extra medical services, in hospice, or receiving SSI)
  • Medicaid for adults (for example, adult receiving SSI, in the hospital or nursing home, with mental illness or brain injury, over 60 or disabled)
  • Medicare Savings Program

Approval is not automatic.  Someone will have to apply for the person who has passed. The amount the Department will pay will depend upon the person’s age, program, and resources, to apply you will need to submit an application. The total cost of the cremation, funeral, or burial services cannot exceed $2,500. The assistance provided will not exceed $1,500.

If the person had any life insurance or burial policies, they are used first to pay for expenses.