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Public Works

Sidewalk Repairs


Project Manager

Keith Burke, Inspector
[email protected]



Chato’s Concrete, LLC


Project Update

Countywide – May 23 – 27, 2022:

Sidewalk Repairs on Bed Straw St, Blackgum St, Bluebell Pl, Bluegrass Cir, Blueleaf Pl, Brookline Ct, Butterwort Cir, Club Rush Ct, Coralberry Ct, Dove Ridge Dr, Dove Ridge Wy, Duckweed Ct, Eyebright Ct, Feathergrass Ct, Golden Eye Ct, Kochia Ct, Madrone Ct, Orchard Grass Ln, Sedge Wy, Sweet Clover Wy, and Wildrye Cir. will have intermittent lane closures between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.


This project consists of repairing broken and damaged sidewalks, and the replacement of curb ramps with new, ADA compliant curb ramps, on streets that will be paved later this summer.  See the 2022 Transportation Improvement Project Map for specific locations.

Tree Trimming will be performed by the County’s contracted arborist for this project, prior to the start of construction, to remove branches that overhang the roadway and sidewalk that could be damaged during construction.  If your tree(s) requires trimming, you will receive a mailer from the County with detailed information about the work.

To request a repair that is not included in this summer’s program, use our online request form.

Project FAQS:

My vehicle was towed because it was left in the construction zone.  How do I find out where it went?
Please contact Westside Towing at 303-688-5244 for information on where your car was towed.

My driveway is more than 1” lower (or higher) than the new sidewalk.
Contact the Project Inspector to see about lifting your driveway (if it is lower) or replacing a section of your driveway (if it is higher).

How do I request to get my sidewalk fixed?
To request a repair that is not included in this summer’s program, use our online request form.

The Contractor damaged my lawn sprinklers.
The contractor is required to repair any damage to sprinklers. Contact the Contractor first at 720-252-7959; if the repairs are not completed within four days of your call to the Contractor, contact the Project Inspector.

The sidewalk across my driveway was replaced; how long do I need to wait to drive over the new concrete?
The contractor will remove cones blocking the sidewalk when it is ready to open; this is generally within seven days of completing the work.

The work damaged my sod; will the Contractor replace it?
The Contractor is required to keep sod removal to 4” or less from the back of the new sidewalk and to place topsoil and seed in the area where the sod was removed. If the removed sod is wider than 4” and you want a new strip of sod placed, contact the Project Inspector. Note that sod replacement requires the removal and replacement of a minimum of 18” wide strip and will only be done once.

I would like to have a chase drain installed while they are doing the work.
Existing, authorized chase drains will be replaced, if needed. To request an evaluation of a drainage problem in an area where sidewalk repairs are planned, please contact the Project Inspector.


See Project Update above. Work on the 2022 program will begin in March and be completed by August.

If work is expected to occur in front of your driveway, the Contractor will contact you regarding moving your vehicles out of your garage and driveway for the 72 hours needed to perform the work and allow the concrete to strengthen.

Project Manager
Keith Burke, Project Inspector
[email protected]

Project Photos