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Road Work

Sometimes the road to success is, in fact, a road.

Traffic cones, person shoveling and tractor - Cone Zone

A county that’s going places needs good roads. Roads to schools. Roads to shopping. Roads to work. Roads back home.

Roads are a necessity. And they have to be maintained. Here’s where you’ll find everything you need to know about them all. Maintenance and Repair projects. Roadway / Transportation Improvement projects.  Potholes to be filled. Gravel replaced. Snow and ice and Street sweeping to clear debris awayYou can also view Traffic Alerts from other entities in the County that might impact your drive.  Even the roads to avoid when we’re working to make them into even better roads.

Roads need signs to tell you where you are. And signs to tell you where you’re going. They need signals to tell you when to stop and when to go so everyone can keep moving without moving into each other. There are road design and construction standards for new roadways, and when new roads are needed to serve a growing, vibrant community, we build them.

You’re on the move. And we’re going to help you get there. View current traffic conditions through Douglas County.


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