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C-470 multi-modal trail grade separation at Yosemite

Updated May 2019

Project Description

The County is working closely with CDOT to build two pedestrian/bicycle bridges that will carry the C-470 multi-modal trail over Yosemite and the C-470 westbound on-ramp.  Currently, the project is estimated to cost $5.5 million which is being advanced to improve safety and mobility and reduce congestion and traffic delays on Yosemite Street.  The preliminary design, environmental study, and public outreach process began in 2017, and the final design and ROW acquisition will begin in 2019.  The County anticipates receiving $2 million in federal funds through the DRCOG project selection process.


Bidding the project is anticipated in spring 2020.  Field construction is anticipated to begin in summer 2020 and be completed in summer 2021.



Project Manager

Art Griffith
[email protected]