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County Line Road (I-25 east side to Inverness)

Updated Jan. 2021

Project Description

This $8 million project involves advancing improvements located on the east side of I-25.

The proposed east side improvements are estimated to cost $95 Million which includes fully reconstructing the County Line Road / Inverness Parkway / Inverness Drive West closely space paired intersections that currently operate at a poor level of service. Improvements combine two congested T-intersections into a standard single four-legged intersection. The proposed new intersection configuration will reduce congestion, improve safety, mobility and provide better levels of service for traffic operations.

Funding partners for the east side improvements may include the Southeast Partnership Improvement Metropolitan District (SPIMD), the City of Centennial, Arapahoe County and in-kind contributions from the Inverness Metro Improvement District which includes significant ROW dedication and landscaping, (which isn’t included in the $9.5 Million project cost estimate). Currently, Douglas County’s contribution to the improvements located on the east side of I-25 is estimated to be $6.5 Million.

In 2019, the County awarded two professional service contracts to advance the proposed improvements located on the east side of I-25, which included a contract for subsurface utility engineering and a contract for final design. Most of 2020, was spent gaining permission to enter private properties in order to perform geotechnical investigations, additional survey, locate utilities (including extensive potholing) and incorporating this information to advance the design.

In 2021, it is anticipated that ROW acquisitions and utility relocations will occur. Construction is currently anticipated to begin in 2022; with a possibility of some of the work getting underway in 2021 (pending successful ROW negotiations).

Project Manager
Art Griffith
[email protected]