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Pine Drive (Lincoln Avenue to Inspiration Drive) Improvement Project

Updated September 2021

Project Description
Proposed improvements will extend the 4-lane roadway section north from Lincoln Avenue to Inspiration Drive and include installing traffic signals at both Ponderosa Drive and Pine Lane Intersections.  The proposed improvements will reduce congestion, improve safety and provide additional capacity.    The project requires major utility relocations along the east side of Pine Drive, and significant additional ROW is required to accommodate the proposed improvements that widen Pine Drive to the east side.

The project is estimated to cost over $13 million.


  • Spring 2022 – Complete final design
  • Summer 2022 – Complete ROW acquisitions, including easements by utility companies
  • Late 2022 – County to begin construction in late 2022 and at the same time as the Pine Drive Project.


Project Manager
Art Griffith, CIP Manager
[email protected]