Traffic Signal Installations / Modifications


 Douglas County takes COVID-19 seriously and will ensure our contractors follow appropriate health and safety practices as recommended by the Association of General Contractors (AGC) and Colorado Contractors Association (CCA)


Project Description
New signal construction continues in 2020, including adjustments to the timing of signals to better handle traffic volume fluctuations due to Covid-19.   Signal timings were initially adjusted to shorter cycle lengths to reduce delay for the traveling public as volumes dropped significantly during the April to July timeframe.  As traffic volumes increase, signal timings were adjusted back to normal cycle lengths to better handle prevailing volumes.  All timing adjustments were made in cooperation with the adjacent signals owned and maintained by CDOT and City of Littleton.  Flashing Yellow Arrow (FYA) implementations continue to be rolled out where conditions warrant these operations. Projects in 2020 include:

Modified Intersection Improvements:

New Traffic Signals:

  • County Line & South Suburban Recreation District Entrance (South Suburban Recreation District) – ongoing construction, anticipated fall 2020 turn on
  • Meridian Blvd & Jamaica St – ongoing construction, anticipated fall 2020 turn on
  • Wildcat Reserve Parkway & Mountain Vista HS (South Metro Fire) – ongoing construction, anticipated early 2021 turn on
  • Jamaica St & Inverness Pkwy – (Developer) Design underway, anticipated 2021 turn on
  • Peoria St & Belford Ave (Developer) – Design underway, anticipated 2021 turn on
  • County Line Rd & S. Clarkson St. – Temporary Span Wire in design construction anticipated Spring 2021

Completed Traffic Signals:

  • Titan Rd & Roxborough Park Rd (Developer) – March 2020
  • Titan Rd & Moore Rd (Developer) –  July 2020
  • Wildcat Reserve Parkway & Hyacinth Rd / Spotted Owl Ave –  Sept. 2020
  • University Blvd & Crosspointe Drive –  Sept. 2020

Project Managers:

Zeke Lynch, Danny Montoya, and Kathie Haire