Variable Message Sign Project

Three Variable Message Signs (VMS) have been permanently installed as part of the DRCOG (Denver Regional Council of Governments) Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Grant.  Material expenses were partially reimbursed by DRCOG for VMSs at the following locations:

  • Westbound Lincoln Ave west of Keystone Blvd;
  • Northbound University Blvd south of Highlands Ranch Pkwy; and
  • Eastbound Highlands Ranch Pkwy west of University Blvd.

The signs will initially be used to communicate traffic operational and safety-focused messages, such as road conditions and incident notifications. Once the signs are fully functional and the necessary software has been purchased, they will also display travel times and guidance information.

Project Managers:

Zeke Lynch, Kathie Haire, and Cara O’Donnell