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Payment Options

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ONLINE PAYMENTS: E-checks are free of charge. Credit/Debit card payments will incur an additional 2.19% vendor fee which is collected by a third-party vendor to cover processing costs and is not retained by Douglas County.  This service fee is in addition to the property tax amount due and is non-refundable in the event of overpayment or refund of any part of the property tax.

To submit a one-time payment that will immediately post to your property tax account:  Search for your property tax account.  Click on the payment amount located in the “Pay Taxes” box on the top left area of your account page to begin the online payment process.  You can refer to this step-by-step guide instruction for searching for your account and making an online payment.

NEW: Property owners can now schedule a future tax payment(s) for the current year’s taxes due.  You must first Register/create an account with your personal login information.  Once registered, add your payment information (1 bank account, and/or 1 credit card), Search using your property account number, and Schedule your full or half payments.  Visit payments.msbpay.navient.com/DCTCS to take advantage of this new payment option.  Refer to this step-by-step instruction guide for registration and online payments.  Use your personal login to schedule your payment annually after property tax billing completes.


PAY BY PHONE: Via an automated payment system dial 303.532.3219 or 844.236.3042. When prompted, use your account numbers only to locate your account. The same vendor fees apply to both online and phone payments when using a credit/debit card.

Make checks payable to DOUGLAS COUNTY TREASURER. Mail to PO Box 1208, Castle Rock, CO 80104. For overnight delivery use the physical address below. To ensure accurate credit for your payment,  please include the appropriate coupon with your payment. Payments are presumed received as of the USPS postmark date. Taxpayers who send their payment by mail are cautioned that USPS may not postmark mail on the same day it is deposited in a mailbox. To ensure timely payment and avoid additional late interest charges please mail your payment early to account for unforeseen delays in mail handling.

Douglas County Govt, PS Miller Bldg, 100 Third St, Castle Rock, CO

In Person at the Douglas County Treasurer’s Office, 100 Third St. Suite 120, Castle Rock, CO 80104 Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. excluding holidays. Credit card payments accepted same vendor fees apply.

Miller Building Drop Box – The box is located at the west end of the curb in front of the Philip S. Miller Building, 100 Third St in Castle Rock.

Off-Site Drop Box Options

Two locations inside of the Motor Vehicle offices in Highlands Ranch and Lone Tree.  These payment drop boxes are accessible only during normal Motor Vehicle hours of operation.

Property Tax FAQs

The Treasurer’s office follows the laws of billing and collection of property tax according to the Colorado Revised Statutes Title 39 Taxation.

What is the role of the Treasurer? How does it differ from the Assessor when it comes to property taxes?

As it relates to property tax, the Treasurer is the elected official responsible for collecting and distributing tax funds.

As it relates to property tax, the Assessor is the elected official responsible for the valuation of all property within the County to determine the amount of taxes owed.

What can I do if I didn't receive my tax statement?

Property tax billing occurs annually in January via USPS.  While not receiving a statement in the mail does not preclude that taxes are due and penalties will apply to late payments, you should verify that we have the correct mailing address.  Use the property search application to verify your billing information.  The current year tax statement is available to print, see web tax notice in the forms box on the left side of your account page.

If I have a mortgage, how do my property taxes get paid each year?

Many but not all mortgage companies pay homeowners’ property tax from an escrow account. Please check with your lender to see if your mortgage payments include escrow payments for property taxes. Most mortgage companies that pay their customer’s properties for them, pay taxes in half-payment installments due February 28th and June 15.  Many lenders use third-party tax services for processing tax payments.  If your lender notes that a payment has been disbursed from your escrow it can take several weeks before we receive the payment.

If I own my property, how do I pay my property taxes each year?

You can make your property tax payment by going to www.douglas.co.us/treasurer/about-property-tax/ and clicking on the “Pay Now” tab.

What are the annual deadlines for paying property taxes?

Full Payment Due by April 30

Half Payments – 1st half due by last day of February, 2nd half due by June 15

Can I schedule a future payment?

You can schedule a future payment at www.Payments.msbpay.navient.com/DCTCS .

Instruction for making a future payment can be found by clicking here.

What if I can't pay my taxes by the due dates?

Delinquent payments will incur a 1% interest charge on the day after the payment date and on the first of every month thereafter.  When an account continues to be delinquent after September, additional fees will apply prior to the taxes being sold at the annual tax lien sale.

What can I do if my taxes are too high?

The Treasurer bills property taxes based on the value as set by the Assessor’s office and the mill levies which the authorities certify to the Board of County Commissioners.  The Treasurer does not have authority to change the annual taxes billed amount.  Visit the Assessor’s website for more information regarding property valuation and the appeals process.

Why do I owe all the property tax when I've only owned the house for a few months?

The owner of record will receive the tax billing in January.  We bill one year in arrears, therefore you should have received a prorated credit for taxes representing the months before you took ownership.  You can verify this in your closing documentation.

I made a payment, and my lender made a payment, can I get a refund?

If there is a balance due on a property account equal to the payments received, both payments will be credited on the account.  Only in the case of an overpayment will a refund be issued to the payor.  In most cases the lender will have an overage in the homeowners escrow.  Call your lender to let them know you as the homeowner made a tax payment.  You may have excess money in your escrow account due to you from your lender.

I pay property taxes to Douglas County. What does that pay for?

You can see where your property tax goes at www.yourdougcotaxes.com, which includes searchable interactive maps that show how your taxes are distributed and tax rates for individual parcels.

I am a business owner in Douglas County. What do I need to know about Business Personal Property Taxes?

In addition to real property, business owners must report taxable personal property. The owner of taxable personal property must file a declaration schedule if the total actual value (market value) of all the personal property is greater than $52,000 per business.

Business personal property includes machinery, equipment and leasehold improvements specific to business purposes.  All personal property is taxable in Colorado unless specifically exempt by the Colorado Constitution.  All equipment not exempt by law must be listed on the schedule. Exempt assets include software and stand-alone equipment with an initial cost under $350.

A business-taxable personal property tax can be filed at https://douglasbpp.harrisgovern.com/property-search .

For more information on business taxable personal property tax visit https://www.douglas.co.us/assessor/business-personal-property/ or call the Treasurer at 303-660-7400.

Who can I contact if I still have questions?

Call 303-660-7455.

Initiate a real-time chat session with staff at https://www.douglas.co.us/treasurer by clicking on the conversation link on the lower right-hand corner of the screen

Send a text message to 720-709-1618.