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Important Property Tax Dates

Property Tax Due Dates and Delinquency Process Dates


Property Tax statements/postcard notifications are mailed to the owner of record on the annual tax roll.  Statements can also be printed by accessing your account at  We do not bill mortgage lenders.  *Please note that failure of a taxpayer to receive such a statement shall not preclude collection by the treasurer of the amount of taxes due from and payable by the taxpayer.  (C.R.S. 39-10.103(1)(a))


Half Payment Option: The First Half payment is due by the last day of February,  Second Half payment due by June 15

Full Payment Option:  Due by April 30

All payments will be accepted when a tax balance exits. The first half overages  (a secondary first half payment is received) will apply to the second half payment.  Refunds will only occur if taxes are deemed paid in full.


Delinquent tax notices are mailed.  Applicable delinquent interest and other charges shall apply to delinquent payments.

*39-10-104.5 Payment Dates-failure to pay-delinquency: Interest will accrue at the rate of one percent per month.  The actual receipt will be presumed as of the date of the United States Postal Service postmark. If the date for filing any tax return or remittance falls upon a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday it shall be deemed to have been timely filed if filed on the next business day.


If a tax lien exists for unpaid prior-year tax, and current-year taxes remain due on the same parcel, the lien holder has the opportunity to pay the current tax, thus endorsing the amount to the certificate and increasing his/her lien on the property.  (Note: the lienholder has the right to pay current year taxes on the parcel for which the lien is held at any time during the year.)  For more information, please visit Tax Lien Sale Information.


Unpaid property taxes will begin advertising in the local newspaper. Real delinquent property taxes will be sold at the annual Tax Lien Sale.  Unpaid taxes for Business Personal Property are subject to distraint, seizure, sale of equipment, and/or collection to satisfy the tax liability and other accrued costs and penalties associated with the parcel.


Prepayments are accepted in mid-December for the estimated taxes that will be due in the following year.  Prepayments must be received and posted by the Treasurer’s office no later than the last working day of December for acknowledgment in the current year.  USPS postmarks do not apply to prepayment receipting dates.

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