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Tax District Revenue

Monthly Tax District Revenue Report: In order to provide Douglas County Taxing Authorities with the most up to date tax revenue distribution information, monthly tax distribution reports are listed at the bottom of this page. Please refer to C.R.S. 39-10-107 (4) for the Treasurer’s distribution to taxing district statute.

We are excited to announce that the Douglas County Treasurer’s Office has implemented the new tax software package by Eagle Tyler. Many of you already know how to search for your document as many counties in Colorado use the Eagle Tyler software. We recommend that you use the FIND box to search for your district name. The information is provided as a PDF document and posted prior to the day of your monthly payment. This report is maintained for the current and prior calendar year.

Uncollected Current Year Property Taxes Report:  In an effort to assist the taxing districts within Douglas County, we are now providing a monthly report of your uncollected current year property tax revenue amount. In order to reflect the most current information, only the latest monthly report will be posted and made available prior to the day of your normal monthly payment. In times of uncertain revenue, we feel this report will assist you in determining your future current year cash flows.

2021 Tax Collections / Disbursements Monthly Report

2020 Tax Collections / Disbursements Monthly Report