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Title Services

Did you know you can easily obtain the necessary property tax information for your client when processing the information for your closings? Title Companies are requested to use our Property Tax Inquiry tool to obtain property tax due amounts in order to assist with closing documentation.

From the returned result of your search, verify the description of the parcel and choose from various options listed on the left side to obtain documents and other account details.  This information will reflect the total current year tax amount billed to the owner as well as Special Improvement District installment amounts and if a prior outstanding Tax Lien exists. Payments will reflect on the website as they are received and posted in the Treasurer’s Office.  Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions section below if you require further explanation of the information found on the website.

Use the Property Tax Inquiry tool to search and view your parcel details for current and prior year payment history, as well as obtain current year tax amounts. If you are searching for an account that does return a result, please contact us at 303.660.7455  for further information.  Payments may be made from the parcel details page, E-checks from a checking or savings account are free of charge, credit card payments will incur a 2.19% vendor fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if there is a Delinquent Balance and Tax Lien Number listed?
Prior Year delinquent taxes were sold at the annual Tax Lien Sale. Title Company checks are accepted for payment of a tax lien and can be combined with the current year taxes due. Interest accrues at the first of each month, payment must be received in the Treasurer’s Office by the last business day of the month. Postmarks are not accepted.  Use the calendar feature to obtain future interest amounts.

What does the SID/LID Installment Amount refer to?
This is the current year installment amount due for a Special Improvement District attached to the parcel. LID (Local Improvement District) and SID (Special Improvement District). Please call the Treasurer’s office to obtain LID payoff amounts or delinquency information.

Is the information on this website current?
Yes, the property tax information, as well as any payments on the account will reflect on the website immediately.  If you view the information as incorrect, please contact the Treasurer’s Office.

How do I determine the delinquent interest penalty on past due amounts?
The Interest Due amount on the website is current. To determine the interest for a future month, use the calendar to adjust the due date.

How do I obtain a CTD (Certificate of Taxes Due)?
Advance payment is required at the time of issuance. Prepaid accounts can be set-up by contacting the Treasurer’s office to obtain a CTD Vendor application.