Cultural Council


The Douglas County Cultural Council determines the distribution of Tier III sales tax proceeds as provided for in the Scientific and Cultural Facilities Act.  The Council also promotes long-term development and diversity of the scientific and cultural resources available to residents of Douglas County.  The Council serves a diverse citizenry through access, research, and communication, thereby facilitating the development of cultural opportunities in arts, sciences and history.

Meeting Schedule

The Cultural Council usually meets the second Tuesday of each month.  To view upcoming meeting agendas with times and locations please visit and set the meeting group to Cultural Council.


Members are appointed by Commissioner Districts, three each, and serve three-year terms.

Current Members:

Debbie Lewis – District I – Parker
Ada Anderson – District I – Lone Tree
Mary Ann Evans  – District I – Parker
Jack Christensen – District II – Castle Rock
Betty Coll – District II – Parker
Heidi Bowman – District II – Castle Pines
Paul Coghlin – District III – Highlands Ranch
Krista Simonson – District III – Highlands Ranch
Nili Benson – Disitrict III – Littleton

2016 Grant Interview Schedule


  1. The Douglas County Cultural Council, in collaboration with the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District and other partners, will create and promote an aggressive calendar of robust public arts exhibits and performances for the entertainment and education of communities throughout Douglas County.
  2. The Douglas County Cultural Council will identify opportunities to strengthen the cultural vitality of Douglas County by initiating, coordinating and advocating for projects that accomplish that purpose.
  3. The Douglas County Cultural Council will identify and cultivate the resources needed to implement this Douglas County Cultural Plan.

SCFD Eligibility

Only eligible organizations may apply for SCFD funds. Visit SCFD Eligibility to learn about eligibility requirements.

Final Grant Reports

Funds provided for distribution by the SCFD are public funds. Therefore reporting must be completed to assure accountability of the funds received.

Mini-Grant Applications

You may be eligible to fill out a Mini-Grant application form. The Mini-Grant application is a greatly abbreviated version of the full application.