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Board of County Commissioners


For information regarding the Control and Licensing of Dogs and Pet Animals please visit the  Douglas County Sheriff’s Animal Control information page.

The following ordinances are included on our website for informational purposes only and represent all the current ordinances in effect in Douglas County.

To obtain an official/certified copy of any County Ordinance, please contact the Clerk and Recorder’s Office at 303-660-7469.

Pursuant to CRS Section 30-15-405 & 406, County ordinances are typically adopted on First Reading at a Board of County Commissioner Business Meeting. Subsequently, after notice has been provided in the newspaper, the Board of County Commissioners will adopt an ordinance at the Second and Final Reading (which is conducted at a public hearing). If adopted as an “emergency ordinance”, the ordinance will take effect immediately. Otherwise, all ordinances go into effect 30 days after publication after the Second and Final Reading.


Click links below to view Ordinances

O-024-001- An Ordinance to Limit the Unloading of Commercially Transported Passengers in Unincorporated Douglas County, Colorado.


O-023-003An Ordinance Regulating Short-Term Rentals

O -023-022 – An Ordinance for Safe Use of Public Property to Limit Public Camping and Prohibit Temporary Structures on Public Property within the Unincorporated Portions of Douglas County, Colorado

O-23-001 – Establishing Business Licensure Requirements to Regular Massage Facilities and Regulate and Prohibit Unlawful Activities for the Sole Purpose of Deterring Illicit Massage Business and Preventing Human Trafficking, Within the Unincorporated Portions of Douglas County, Colorado.

O-022-001 – Stormwater Ordinance – Grading, Erosion and Sediment Control; Drainage, Erosion and Sediment Control; Operations and Maintenance of Stormwater Management Facilities: and Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination.

O-020-001 – Regulation of Traffic, and Parking; Repealing all Ordinances and Resolutions in Conflict therewith, and Providing Penalties for Violation Thereof – regulation of Traffic and Parking; Repealing all Ordinances and Resolutions in Conflict Therewith; and Providing Penalties for Violations Thereof

O-19-002 – 2018 International Fire Code (IFC) as amended as Ordinance No. O-019-002

O-016-002 – Regulating the Growing, Cultivating and Processing of Marijuana

O-015-001 – Possession of cigarettes and tobacco products by minors – prohibiting the possession of cigarettes and tobacco products by minors.

O-002-001 – Prohibiting Solicitation of Occupants of Vehicles in Roadways – prohibiting solicitation of occupants of vehicles in roadways.

O-007-003 – Removal of Snow and Ice from Sidewalks – requiring the removal of snow and ice from sidewalks within 24 hours of the cessation of snowfall, rescinding and replacing Ordinance O-997-006.

O-007-004 – Alarm Ordinance in Unincorporated Areas of Douglas County – regulation and licensing of an alarm system in the unincorporated areas of Douglas County; establishing registration and licensing procedures and fees for alarm installation companies and/or monitoring companies; operational standards for alarm systems; and prescribing the penalties for violations thereof.

O-012-002 – Curfew for Minors – imposing a curfew for minors who have not reached their 18th birthday; making it unlawful for any parent, guardian, or other person having legal custody of such minor to knowingly allow or permit such minor to violate said curfew; prescribing the penalties for violation thereof; providing for enforcement; providing for the disposition of fines; and repealing all Ordinances and Resolutions in conflict therewith

O-012-003 – Prohibiting the Operation of Marijuana Cultivation Facilities – prohibiting the operation of marijuana cultivation facilities, marijuana product manufacturing facilities, marijuana testing facilities or retail marijuana stores within the unincorporated boundaries of Douglas County, state of Colorado.

O-012-004 – Restricting Open Fires, Open Burning, and Fireworks in Unincorporated Areas of Douglas County – restricting open fires, open burning, and fireworks in unincorporated areas of Douglas County, Colorado.

O-013-001 – Grading, Erosion and Sediment Control; Drainage Erosion and Sediment Control; Operations and Maintenance of Stormwater Management Facilities and Illicit Discharge Detection and elimination – regarding grading, erosion and sediment control; drainage erosion and sediment control; operations and maintenance of stormwater management facilities and illicit discharge detection and elimination.

O-996-002 – Registration of persons who engage in door-to-door selling of merchandise or goods – requiring the registration of persons who engage in door-to-door selling of merchandise or goods and the delivery thereof.

O-996-003 – Increasing the maximum fine – maximum fine that may be imposed for County ordinance violations from $300 to $600.

O-997-004 – Prohibiting Non-Motorized Travel Upon the E470 Public Highway in Unincorporated Portions of Douglas County – prohibiting non-motorized travel upon the E-470 public highway in the unincorporated portions of Douglas County (Adopted 8/27/97)