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Surveyor, Robert Snodgrass

Rob Snodgrass, Surveyor

Rob Snodgrass is serving his second term as Douglas County Surveyor having been elected in November 2014.

The primary function of the County Surveyor is the review, filing, and indexing of Land Survey Plats that have been prepared based upon a field survey conducted by a Colorado Licensed Professional Land Surveyor. The other function of the County Surveyor is to represent the County in any boundary disputes and to notify the County Attorney of any unsettled boundary disputes or boundary discrepancies within the county. Other County Surveyor functions can be authorized by the County Commissioners such as conducting surveys to establish the boundaries of County property, including road rights-of-way and the examination of all survey maps and plats before recording in the Clerk and Recorder’s office.

Rob has more than 35 years of land surveying experience, having started out as a “gofer” at a prominent land surveying and civil engineering firm in Southern California, eventually rising to manager of the survey department after obtaining his California Professional Land Surveyors license in 1992.

Rob was born and raised in Southern California. Rob and his family relocated to Colorado in the summer of 2001 and settled in Highlands Ranch. Rob and wife Lorrie have two grown sons who still reside in Douglas County.

Rob enjoys the great Colorado outdoors during the spring, summer and fall months camping, hiking, fishing, and hunting throughout Colorado and spends the winter months just waiting for spring to arrive.