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Two Douglas County fireworks displays celebrate the holiday season and the end of 2020

The Dec. 19 displays are designed for watching remotely.

Is there anyone who isn’t ready to say goodbye to 2020 and bring on the holidays? On Dec. 19, in Douglas County, residents will have the chance to watch high-in-the-sky fireworks. The 30-minute displays will launch at 7 p.m. from locations at Rueter-Hess Reservoir and near Rocky Heights Middle School chosen for their wide visibility to area households. The fireworks show will be livestreamed on the County’s website, YouTube and Facebook pages.

The Board of Douglas County Commissioners hopes that whether watching the show at home or safely from your vehicle at a nearby location you will enjoy this celebration of the holidays.

“After the difficulties our communities have recently been through, we wanted to create a special opportunity during the holiday season for everyone to celebrate their blessings and the resilience of our citizens and local businesses,” said Commissioner Lora Thomas.

“Fireworks at any time of year remind us all that we remain brave, courageous and free,” said Commissioner Abe Laydon, “as we bid farewell to this difficult year we look forward to lighting the skies in celebration of the positive, can-do spirit of our community.”

“We were fortunate to celebrate the Fair by sharing fireworks with the Southern part of the County in August,” said Commissioner and Board Chair, Roger Partridge. “As I wrap up my eight years as County Commissioner, I am pleased the rest of the County will have the opportunity to enjoy these celebrations, in honor of the holidays and our residents, closer to home.”

The fireworks displays were designed, and locations determined while working closely with law enforcement agencies in the County, as well as fire protection agencies. There will be no organized gatherings or events, please watch from your home or your vehicle.

In the interest of public safety, there will be temporary changes to traffic patterns and established no-parking zones near the launch sites. If you are unable to view from your home or online, please be prepared to honor all signage and direction from law enforcement when choosing a viewing location and ensure you are not blocking driveways or other public access.

All shows are weather and fire-restrictions dependent. Due to COVID-19-related health and safety concerns surrounding large gatherings, officials ask that you watch the fireworks remotely.

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