CSU Extension Advisory Council

Applications received are being reviewed.

Historically, advisory committee memberships have included farmers, ranchers, homemakers, and 4-H leaders. This type of membership is still very important since these program areas are central to Extension’s mission; however, outside interests bring a balance of thinking and ‘stretches’ program considerations beyond the traditional. In addition to farmers, ranchers, homemakers and 4-H leaders, individuals from a variety of occupations with the following interests will be considered for membership on the overall advisory committee.

Members of the Council should have expertise or strong interest in the following:

  • Positive Youth Development and 4-H
  • Horticulture, Natural Resources, and Small Acreage Management
  • Community and Demonstration Gardening
  • Community engagement and partnership development
  • Family health and wellness including behavioral health
  • Program growth and inclusion of under-represented audiences
  • Community outreach and program marketing
  • Education or business relevant to extension programming

Inclusion of outside interests not only brings a broader program opportunity to Extension but gives Extension greater visibility throughout the county or area.

For questions or additional information please contact [email protected]