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Engineering Forms, Permits, Inspections and Utilities

The Department of Public Works Engineering issues all construction permits and grading permits (excluding building permits) for the construction of public infrastructure within Douglas County.  The following permits are required when working within Douglas County Right-of-Way (R.O.W.)/easements or as defined in the Douglas County Grading, Erosion, and Sediment Control (GESC) Manual.  Generally permits will be issued within three working days from the date of application, however, the larger the projects or incomplete submittals will require additional time.  No permit for new infrastructure or grading will be issued until the construction plans are approved by Douglas County.

Engineering Development Review

Engineering Submittal Form

Floodplain Development Permit Form

Grading, Erosion and Sediment Control (GESC) and Drainage Erosion and Sediment Control (DESC) – All permits for GESC and DESC projects are located within the GESC manual – under Appendix J.

Oversize/Overweight Moving Permit – This permit is required when moving any oversized/overweight load on Douglas County Roads.

Permanent Access Permit – No special instructions apply to the use of this form. Use Permanent Access Permit Application form available from the Public Works Department or per the permit forms below. The Engineering Division will continue to provide input on all commercial/industrial access through the Site Plan process, use by Special Review, Platting, etc. All State Highway access permits within Douglas County shall be processed through the County Public Works Department, Engineering Division.

Right-of-Way Use And/Or Construction Permit – Any work performed inside Douglas County Right-of-Way (R.O.W.) or easements must have a valid Right-of-Way Use And/Or Construction Permit and/or an Access Permit. The storage of materials and equipment within the public R.O.W. also requires a Permit. This permit is issued to ensure public safety and reduction of future maintenance issues. The Permit holder must call the Engineering Division Inspection Department (303-660-7487) at least 24 hours (one work day), but not more than 120 hours, in advance of commencing work or penalties associated with a “Stop Work” order may apply. If an inspection is scheduled and, for ANY reason, work is not performed as scheduled, the Permit holder must call and cancel the inspection as soon as possible. Failure to cancel the County inspection will result in a penalty fee of $50.00 being levied. Repeated failure to notify the Engineering Division Inspection Department of a scheduled inspection cancellation may result in the revocation of the Permit.

Temporary Access Permit -Temporary Access Permits are issued in order to provide access in and out of public R.O.W. associated with Non-Construction (Events), Construction, and/or Landscaping. The Permittee is required to provide a Detailed Traffic Control Plan for the proposed temporary access. Pictures are required of any existing damage to streets, curb, gutter and/or sidewalk prior to issuance of this permit. Any damage not identified prior to issuance of said permit shall be the permittee’s responsibility. Security of $2,500.00 per access is also required.

Special Events Permit – If you are planning an event that requires a Special Event Permit or need additional information, please contact the Traffic Office at 303.663.6237.

Variance for Saturday Work – This is a request only and not permission to work.