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Public Works Operations

The Public Works Operations Department responsibilities:

Road and Bridge Maintenance

Road and Bridge currently maintains and repairs 1,745 lane miles of paved roadways and 599 lane miles of gravel roadways in unincorporated Douglas County. Additional mileage is added annually as new roads are accepted. The Road and Bridge section consists of 4 geographical maintenance districts, as well as a special projects district, providing drainage and concrete maintenance. During snow and ice removal operations, Road and Bridge resources are deployed into 5 geographical districts.

Weed Management

Provides management of Douglas County’s noxious weed program to include mowing and herbicide application. Weed Management also provides noxious weed educational materials for Douglas County residents.

Slash Mulch Program

The County provides a drop-off location for slash (tree branches and limbs) and provides free mulch disbursement at the end of the season. For more information contact 303.660.7480.

Trash / Transfer Sites

There are two transfer sites available for trash disposal in Douglas County. One is operated by Imperial Enterprises (located on Peterson Road), contact Al Miscowski at 303.621.2275. The second site is operated by Douglas County and is located at 7828 S Highway 67 (north of Deckers).

Our Mission

The Public Works Operations team is dedicated to proficiently maintaining our County road and drainage system infrastructure, controlling noxious weeds countywide, and providing quality services for the economic benefit and safety of our community while efficiently utilizing and preserving County resources.