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Financial Assistance

Financial, Food, Medical Programs and Utility Assistance

  • Aid to the Needy Disabled (AND) / Aid to the Blind (AB)
    The Aid to the Needy Disabled (AND) program provides cash assistance to low income Colorado residents, age 18-59, who have at least a six-month total disability that precludes them from working.   The Aid to the Blind program serves people under-age 60 who have at least a six-month total disability that precludes them from working.
  • Burial Assistance
    If someone is help from certain programs, their family may be able to get help to pay for cremation, funeral and burial costs
  • Emergency / General Assistance
    Generally for rent and monthly housing bills.
  • Health Insurance Buy-in (HIBI)
    The Health Insurance Buy-in (HIBI) program is for Health First Colorado (Colorado’s Medicaid program) clients who have access to commercial health insurance.
  • Home Care Allowance
    You may be able to receive financial assistance to help pay someone who helps you with personal care if you are over 18 and disabled.
  • Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP)
    LEAP runs from November 1 through April 30 each year.  The Douglas County program is administered through a partnership with Discover Goodwill of Southern & Western Colorado.
  • Medicare Savings Program (MSP)
    The State of Colorado may provide financial assistance for your Medicare Part B premium.   There are  monthly income restrictions on this assistance.
  • Old Age Pension
    The Old Age Pension (OAP) program provides assistance up to $771 per month. Any other income, such as Social Security benefits, Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI), Veteran’s Assistance, etc. may reduce the amount of the OAP benefit received.
  • Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF)
    There are ways you could receive financial assistance for your family or for children you are raising.