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Why is Douglas County one of the fastest growing counties in America? The reasons are as varied as the 300,000 people who call Douglas County home.

But it all comes down to a quality of life that few places can match., Forbes, and other national media recognize Douglas County’s exceptional attributes. It’s safe. Highly educated. And naturally beautiful.

We like to think the people working in your county government play an important part in making it that way.

Here’s where you’ll find all the departments and divisions that make Douglas County work for everyone. You can access hundreds of information categories from A-Z; use our property tax calculator; take a journey through our Transparency Portal; see the weekly meeting schedule of the County Commissioners, and subscribe to receive news from our online newsroom.

Those are just a few of the things you’ll find here. Whatever the reason you logged on, we’re glad we could help.

For most purposes, Douglas County acts through its Board of County Commissioners (BCC).  The three-member board acts, by majority vote of a quorum present, to adopt ordinances in those limited areas for which specific authority has been given by the State Legislature, and to adopt resolutions to conduct all of its other business.

The BCC performs legislative, executive and quasi-judicial functions.  The Board serves as the legislative, policy-making and administrative body governing the unincorporated areas of Douglas County.

The BCC appoints a County Manager to carry out the policy directions of the Board and to supervise and coordinate the work of the staff in the departments that fall under the direct control of the Board.  With the exception of the County Attorney, the County Manager will have line authority over all County divisions under the BCC.

The County Attorney is a constitutionally prescribed county office.  By statute, the County Attorney is a position that is filled by appointment of the BCC.  The County Attorney’s Office provides legal advice and representation for the BCC. The County Attorney, with the approval of the BCC, also advises and represents all other Douglas County elected officials, the County Administrator, department and division heads, and appointed commissions, boards and committees.